Chestnut Opener
Chestnut Opener
Chestnut Opener

Chestnut Opener

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Find out what they taste like and experience the full taste of roasted chestnuts at home with the help of this Chestnut Opener!

Simply crack the nuts open with this easy-to-use tool and start roasting those chestnut goodies on an open fire!

Its easy-to-use handle allows you to break open a chestnut’s shell with a single squeeze!

A great tool to help you roast your chestnuts at home!

Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 166g
Size: 17*5cm
Package Content:
1x Chestnut Opener

Start roasting your chestnuts in no-time and experience the full holiday spirit with the easy-to-use Chestnut Opener.