Colourful Jar Bags
Colourful Jar Bags
Colourful Jar Bags

Colourful Jar Bags

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Are you sick of having to deal with all the excess plastic bags in your kitchen?

Organize your kitchen and get the perfect storage bags for everything that you need with the Colourful Jar Bags!

These amazing ziplock bags allow you to keep your food fresh and organized while keeping your kitchen presentable!

Its convenient zip-lock seal design allows you to easily store and access your food while keeping it fresh for long periods of time!

It’s a convenient way to keep your meals fresh and organized!

Product Specifications: 
Material: Plastic PE
Small size: 15x11cm
Large Size: 19.5cmx14cm
XL Size: 24.3cmx17cm
Package Contents:
12x Colourful Jar Bags

Get the perfect storage solution for your kitchen and organize your cereals, seeds, and grains with ease with the amazing Colourful Jar Bags!