Dinner Shovel Spoon
Dinner Shovel Spoon
Dinner Shovel Spoon

Dinner Shovel Spoon

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Are you looking for a brand new way to spice up your dining experience?

Spice up your dinner table and add the perfect set of silverware for your home with the stylish Dinner Shovel Spoon!

This unique set of silverware looks exactly like miniaturized shovels adding a unique twist to your dinner table!

Made with premium quality stainless steel providing it with amazing durability that will last for years!

Now you can finally shovel your food down your throat without ever feeling bad about it!

Product Specifications: 
Materials: Stainless Steel
Length: 15.5cm
Weight: 17g
Package Content:
1x Dinner Shovel Spoon Set

Start shoveling your favorite meals and get a unique dining experience for you and your family with the amazing Dinner Shovel Spoon!