Sushi Roll Maker
Sushi Roll Maker
Sushi Roll Maker

Sushi Roll Maker

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Tired of having to gobble up the same old boring circular sushi?

Add variety to your sushis and create remarkable designs that your family will surely love with the Sushi Shapes Set!

This inventive sushi making set will let you create unique shapes and designs that are sure to surprise your guests!

Get the freedom that you need to create amazing designs for your sushi creations with up to 4 different shapes to choose from!

It’s a brand new way to create your own amazing sushis!

Product Specifications:
Material: Food-grade Bamboo + Plastic
Sushi Bazooka Size:29*6*6cm
Weight: 230g

Decorate your meals and create beautiful shapes and designs for your sushis with the unique Sushi Shapes Set!